Thermal Imaging

Draft under front door - blue is cold

Draft under front door – blue is cold

A thermal imaging survey can show where your home is leaking heat, due to problems with insulation, draughts, etc.

You can arrange for a volunteer surveyor, trained by Cambridge Carbon Footprint, to visit you with a thermal imaging camera, which takes temperature pictures like this.

The surveyor will share the useful images with you and summarise what they show.

The images are most revealing when it’s 10°C (or more) warmer inside the house than out, so winter is the best time for these surveys.

We don’t make a charge,  but ask for a donation to Cambridge Carbon Footprint (a charity) to enable more of similar work.

To request a Thermal Imaging Survey: email
or phone our office on 01223 301842

Thermal Imaging Training is described here

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