Thermal imaging

Find out where your home is leaking heat

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What is thermal imaging

Thermal imaging can vividly reveal where your home is leaking heat.    The cameras are sensitive to infra-red and make ‘temperature map’ images .    This can show problems with insulation, draughts, damp and more –  useful in older homes, but also for revealing defects in new-builds. The images are easiest to decipher when it’s at least 10°C warmer inside than out, so this is mainly a winter activity.

Some of the problems shown are easy for householders to fix, like draught-proofing, and some, like faulty insulation, may need professional help. Significant improvements in comfort, energy bills and carbon emissions are often made as a result.

Training & camera loan scheme

Come to a short training session to learn how to use our thermal cameras and interpret their images – then you can borrow a camera to survey your home, those of friends or family and (we hope) others in your neighbourhood. It’s great to see your home in a new light and it provides good motivation to fix any problems that are revealed.

Book a training session

Free online training, booking essential. Select one of the dates below to book:

Thu 9/12/21 online  19:00- 21:00 
Thu 13/01/22 online 19:00-20:30

Book a camera

Already trained and keen to use our camera loan scheme? Book a camera using the new online booking system. 

We are currently unable to offer surveys. If you want a survey, come to a training session, or if that’s not your thing, perhaps you can persuade a friend to get trained and then survey your home?


Camera Borrowing Agreement – Trainees must fill this in before borrowing a cameras

Thermal Imaging Survey Record Form – Use this form to record all surveys completed

Video: How to use Camera 1 – Fluke TiR 

Video: How to use Camera 3 – Flir C5

Thermal Imaging Training Slides – A useful reminder on how to use the cameras & understand their images

Abridged Fluke TIR user manual

Abridged Flir C5 user manual

Fluke camera software downloads

Thermal Imaging Guide – coming soon

Thermal Imaging in a Heatwave – coming soon