Open Eco Homes 2023

5 weeks of inspiring tours and talks, online and in-person,
mainly during Sep - Oct. Details to follow here

Do you have an ‘eco home’ that you’d like to show to encourage and inform others?  Please see here for what we’re looking for and how to offer OEH tours.  Thank You!

See more about Open Eco Homes in this 2-page 2022 report

Open Eco Homes autumn season, 12th Sept - 18th Oct, features 9 local homes with homeowner-led tours, some in-person, some online.

Five expert talks will describe and discuss how it’s done.

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Find out more about what you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your home by browsing our information pages.


Every Autumn Open Eco Homes runs tours and talks to give you ideas and information to get started with your own eco home. Our tours are run by homeowners who show and discuss how their homes are low carbon. Some are new-build and some retrofits. Get ideas for what suits your home. Our talks are run by experts on practical topics to help you go further.

See a 2-page report on 2022 tours and talks. View our Tours on Demand page to watch the recordings.  See previous homes’ Case Studies for their story, description & building professionals and supplier info.

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    • Cool Homes in a Heatwave
    • Cool Homes in a Heatwave
    • How to prepare for heatwaves so that you and your home stay cool and comfortable, even when it gets really hot. . Lots of detailed...
    • Mon 5 Jun 2023, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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    Reasons to Improve Your Home

    Britain’s homes are among the least energy efficient in Western Europe, making next winter even worse for people who can’t afford their rocketing energy costs.

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