Open Eco Homes

The best FREE advice from local householders and experts. Learn what you can do to make your home cosier and more energy efficient.

Coming This Autumn: 13 Sept to 17 Oct

Tours of 8 homes, led by homeowners, including:

  • A new-build Carbon Positive Family Home
  • An F-rated 1968 home, DIY retrofitted to near-Passivhaus standard

5 talks , including:

  • Smart Electric Home
  • Embodied Carbon

Full details and booking open in the first week of August

Open Eco Homes 2020

After 10 years running in-person, live events, in 2020 we ran 11 home Tours and 5 Talks, all online, attracting  near-record participation.  See a brief report

Most 2020 tours and talks were in the Open Eco Homes Autumn Season with abundant free advice and inspiration on renovating your home to make it more comfortable, energy efficient and low carbon.

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