Open Eco Homes

Open Eco Homes 2016

Bookings are now open for the 7th annual Open Eco Homes Event, which will take place on Sunday 18th and Saturday 24th September 2016. Highlights this year include a co-housing development in North Cambridge, a new build kit house, a low cost natural DIY insulation workshop using Hempcrete and a St John’s College student house, retrofitted to the highest standards.

In total 15 low energy homes – both new and retrofit – will open their doors for Open Eco Homes. Householders will show and explain the energy-saving features of their homes – the pros and cons, and also how to get the best out of them. Visitors find out how to make their homes cosier whilst saving energy and carbon emissions.

Booking options and case studies of each house can be found at Each tour is free and lasts about an hour. Booking is required.

About Open Eco Homes

Open Eco Homes aims to inform and inspire visitors to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes or choose very efficient new ones.  The homes demonstrate a wide range of eco-renovation technologies, from underfloor heating to wood burners, all kinds of insulation and condensing boilers, right through to green roofs, gardens and waterbutts.

Feedback from over 400 visits made during Open Eco Homes 2015 show an estimated 737 tonnes of CO2 were likely to be saved as a result of the two open days, with participants responding that they were very likely to take action in their own home as a result of their visit.

Also this year – on October 8th – we’ll be running Cosy Cambridge, a single event to bring together a wide range of Cambridge home energy expertise into one venue. This will give Open Eco Homes visitors the chance to build on knowledge gained from their home visits and those that missed the open days a chance to get started.

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