Could your home be an
Eco Home?

We’re looking ‘hosts’ to show their inspiring Cambridge-area eco homes with online or in-person tours

We're looking for comfortable, well-retrofitted older homes and sustainable new ones.

Showing ways to achieve low energy consumption and carbon emissions, like:

  • good insulation & controlled ventilation
  • new technologies & renewable energy
  • attractive, maybe innovative design
  • natural or low-carbon building materials
  • low-cost or DIY sustainability measures
  • smart behaviour, saving energy and carbon
  • ‘Visitors’, in-person or online, really enjoy and appreciate learning about real homes direct from other householders, getting honest advice rather than a sales pitch.  Hearing your eco-home story, the methods and technologies you used – including triumphs and disasters – all help make an inspiring and informative tour. As a result the huge majority of visitors make their own home energy improvements, including big projects.   2021’s Open Eco Homes inspired or enabled improvements that will save an estimated 969 tonnes CO2.  You can make a real difference.  See our brief Open Eco Home 2021 report.

    Online or in-person?

    In 2022 we expect that some Sept/Oct home tours will be online and some in-person, subject to Covid conditions. Please tell us your preferences. 

    Recent OEH ‘tours’ have been online. We’ve supported each host to tell their story and show their home with slides and usually video clips in a one hour Zoom meeting, with audience questions and discussion. Advantages:

    • larger audiences, with hosts or visitors further from Cambridge
    • YouTube recordings with over 2,500 views for OEH 2021

    In Person
    Most OEH tours have been in person, with hosts showing booked visitors (usually 8 at a time) around their home (or most of it), telling its story and discussing how it’s sustainable and comfortable. Several tours are given for different groups.   Advantages:

    • seeing and discussing in person is a more powerful, rewarding experience
    • groups interact better and it’s more social and memorable

    Taking part

    We’re looking for hosts of about 8 homes to take part in OEH 2022 and  take care to protect your privacy. We’ll ask for details of your home to help us write a 2-sided case study, like these. They’re a great resource for anyone interested to follow-up on what you’ve done.

    If you’re interested in being an OEH Host, please fill this short online form to let us know more or contact us  to talk it over.  Thank you!

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