Our Zero Carbon Phased 1905 Retrofit - Cambridge

Our Zero Carbon Phased 1905 Retrofit – Cambridge

Tue 27 Sep 2022, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

This was a an engaging, informative online tour. You can still follow it here:

 Meet your host, Martin

Martin had three aims in retrofitting his 1905 home: he wanted to improve comfort, reduce energy use, and lower his carbon emissions. Commissioning Ecofurb to carry out a whole house survey helped Martin to envisage the changes he wanted to make, and gave him a 4 stage plan to achieve them. Since then Martin has worked on his retrofit step by step, starting each new stage as time, energy and money allowed. 

Martin says: “The improvements have greatly increased comfort, carbon savings and, with increasing energy costs, are likely to prove a good financial investment. They also reduce on-going maintenance – painting, repair etc. When eventually selling the house, the new buyer will not need major refurbishment requiring weeks/months when the house could not be occupied.”

Full PDF case study

Key Features of this home

  • Underfloor insulation on ground floor
  • External wall insulation and some internal wall insulation
  • Vacuum double glazing on original refurbished sash windows
  • Tricoya cladding to window frames and barge boards
  • Undersink water heater in kitchen
  • 1.44kW solar PV
  • Raised beds for fruit and vegetables and eight water butts

Tour details

1 hour online tour, running:

  • Tue 27 Sep, 7.00pm

Martin’s top tips for being more energy efficient at home

  • Get your spouse/partner on-board
  • Monitor energy use
  • Get on with it, as there is never a better time and you can’t just leave it to the next person


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