Vegan challenge: bring-and-share meal

Circular Cambridge is a season of events that celebrates progressive ways to design, manufacture, access, repair and reuse the things that we want and need in our lives. 

Last night we enjoyed a feast! Some of us who have been taking part in the vegan challenge got together for a bring-and-share meal – an opportunity to catch up on our first few days enjoying a vegan diet, as well as to try some new dishes. And what a spread. With food like this, eating vegan didn’t feel like a challenge at all!

Feeling slightly peckish, we launched into Bev’s homemade lentil soup with gusto, accompanied by some of my 5-seeded bread, made with white flour.

We also had a delicious tofu quiche, made by Heather. It was my first time trying tofu. I generally try to avoid processed foods where possible. Apparently, this was a smoked variety and it definitely exceeded expectations (or perhaps it is just that Heather is a fantastic cook? :))

We were just about to dig into our mains when Urma arrived carrying a huge cardboard box. We were intrigued.

Urma had been busy preparing some delicious Indian inspired cuisine – coconut curried butternut squash with puri (some stuffed with lentils) and some protein-packed nut burgers.

I had prepared a Moroccan-spiced sweet potato and chickpea stew (comfort food for a chilly winter evening) and Oscar had prepared a colourful fresh veg quiche, made with filo pastry.

Everything looked so delicious, it was hard to know what to try first and ever harder to stop once you had taken a bite. But we resisted. Dessert was yet to come!

Fiona had made a wicked orange sponge, packed with a thick layer of sweet and creamy vegan frosting. Apparently she had made enough icing for both the top and the middle of the cake and then decided to pack the whole lot in the centre! That’s my kind of cake. No half measures.

And if that wasn’t enough, Pip had made chocolate brownies and homemade ice-cream. Well how could we resist…!

It was a wonderful evening. And it just goes to show that vegan cooking can be just as rich, colourful and varied as non-vegan food.

If you are interested to learn more about CCF’s food group, would like to take part in one of our sustainable food challenges or are looking for support to set up your own challenge, drop us a line and say hello. We’d be happy to have a chat.

Posted by Helen


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