UK Innovators in Paris

Outside Climate Solutions (640x360)

Extra security in Paris is undersandable but there were 2 events we couldn’t get into.

On Friday night we went to the launch of Energy Unlocked, a new UK organisation supporting low-carbon energy innovation. It’s a small startup, which attracted low-carbon business organisations over a remarkable range of scale:   

A seed funder is Tempus Energy who are taking the UK govt to court about the UK electricity market – specifically the Capacity Market, which is meant to avoid demand exceeding supply, but is badly rigged in favour of electricity from fossil fuels. They buy electricity at a half-hourly varying cost and sell it at reduced cost to businesses (& later homes) who will fit devices to shift their consumption away from peak demand times.

The effect will be less peak demand and so less need for new power stations. Anne wrote an article about this for Cambridge Business.

They’re part of The Climate Group, a coalition of UK businesses calling for effective climate solutions.
And also represented at the evening was We Mean Business, and international coalition of low-carbon business coalitions.

Quite a networking opportunity – we didn’t get back till 1am.  In fact it’s full-on here in Paris.  More blogs to follow when I find time!

Tom Bragg

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