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12 Jesus Lane

26416903-fix-button-meaning-repair-mend-or-restoreGot something that’s broken, that you think could be repaired if only you knew how? Or do you enjoy repairing things (whether that’s fixing computers, mending china, getting radios working again or darning socks)? The Cambridge Skillshare group are holding our first Repair Café in Cambridge on 31st May.

The idea is really simple – people who have stuff that needs to be fixed get together with people who can help them fix it. Now we need your help to make this wonderful event happen. Do you have something that needs repairing? Then book in your item by e-mailing Transition Cambridge with your name, the type of item, and one sentence about what’s wrong with it (if you know) – we’ll email you nearer the time to confirm if someone will be able to help fix your item.

Or are you able to repair things? e.g. computers, clothes, electrical stuff, jewellery etc? (Or do you know someone who likes to repair things who might like to come along?) Let us know what you can repair and if you can make this date, and we’ll be in touch to let you know if people will bring things that you can work on.  The Repair Café movement is growing rapidly, and is all about people helping each other out, learning how to fix things which are fixable, and keeping stuff out of landfill. You can read more here:

Cambridge Skillshare is a partnership between Transition Cambridge, Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Greeniversity.

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