Sponsored Veganuary

By Tom Bragg



Thank you everyone for supporting Anne and me in our sponsored Veganuary in aid of Cambridge Carbon Footprint. Although it was difficult initially, we kept it up, with no relapses at all.  The key factor that turned it from a chore to a pleasure was Hugh Fernley Wittingstall’s wonderful cook book “Much More Veg”   I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Loads of really tasty healthy dishes, that are simple to cook and just happen be vegan.  Thanks Florence for recommending it!  Liz Serocold, who’s also been doing Veganuary, Anne and I had a celebration vegan meal together on Wednesday, which was quite a spread.  Anne’s been tweeting our favourite recipes, so you can find them on twitter by using #vegan4ccf.

So has it made a difference? Will we carry on?   In a nutshell: “Yes-ish”.  We’ve expanded our repertoire of favourite dishes, and as a diet it certainly seems to work for us: we both feel really healthy and have totally lost that post-Christmas stodgy feeling!

We’ll certainly be eating many more vegan meals,  and I’ve learnt to pay more attention to where the protein’s coming from: even had to reorganise the food cupboard to cope with the number of different types of seeds and nuts we found ourselves wanting!   Personally I’m not yet up for going 100% permanently vegan (particularly as we’re just about to go to Switzerland for a week where it’s really hard to be vegan) but I think our motto is going to be “less but better” fish, eggs etc. We’ve now broken the habit of eating fish most days (some of which was actually pretty tasteless), so in future we’ll eat less of it and be more selective.

From the point of view of the global challenge of tackling climate change, it actually feels encouraging to know that a vegan diet (which has so many advantages for climate change, biodiversity and animal welfare) can be a pleasure rather than a chore.

If any of you would still like to make a donation in support of CCF you can still do it online here.

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