Mass Sign up Day for the Journey to Net Zero

By Alana Sinclair, Manager at Cambridge Carbon Footprint

There has been growing momentum behind climate action in Cambridge in recent years.  Take for example the new City Council Climate Change Strategy, which outlines a shared vision for Cambridge to be net zero carbon by 2030. This is a wonderfully ambitious goal, and although it will be challenging to achieve, it is a challenge that Cambridge with our world leading businesses and institutions is well placed to pursue.

When we launched the Cambridge Climate Change Charter with the City Council it was our ambition to turn concern about climate change into action by providing practical guidance for local individuals, businesses and organisations on how to reduce emissions. We developed an online advice hub, have run online seminars for businesses, and host a carbon footprint calculator to help people understand where their emissions are coming from and how to reduce them. Signatories to the Charter are growing, with residents and businesses across Cambridge pledged to take action.

This World Environment Day, June 5th we’re calling on everyone in Cambridge to sign the Charter, and join the journey to net zero.

This June the 5th, visit the Cambridge Carbon Footprint website to

  • Calculate your personal carbon footprint
  • Sign the Cambridge Climate Change Charter
  • Share your pledge on social media using the hashtag #camclimatecharter

Or, if you’re one of the many people or organisations across Cambridge who have already signed the Charter, why not share your reasons for doing so using the hashtag #camclimatecharter?

Many of our Cambridge’s largest institutions are already committed to dramatically reducing their emissions. The University of Cambridge aims to reduce its emissions to absolute zero by 2048, with an aspiration to be zero carbon by 2038. The City Council has a plan to reduce the direct emissions from their estate, fleet and business travel to net zero by 2030. And in September last year Arm Ltd announced that they too plan to be net zero by 2030.

These large institutions may be at the vanguard of the movement to net zero, but the Committee on Climate Change estimates that over 60% of the changes required to reach net zero will require changes from individuals and households.

By calculating your carbon footprint, signing the charter and sharing your pledge on June 5th you’ll be joining together with others taking action on climate change and on the journey to net zero.

Sign the Cambridge Climate Change Charter