Outdoor Clothes Drying Shed


Outdoor clothes drying shed

At one of the Continuing Carbon Conversations meetings, Richard Allen told us about a drying shed that he has made for his garden. With having a young child in the house and not using a tumble dryer for environmental reasons, he and his wife, Penny, found they had a big problem with condensation – this is their elegant way of dealing with the problem!


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Hello everyone.

At our meetings I’ve been asked to share my home built drying shed to dry washing outside of the home in any weather.  This was done to reduce moisture levels in our house as we had condensation and mold issues… all of which seem to have gone 🙂

Built using 1800 x 600mm tight mesh trellis panels set between 75mm square posts. The doors can be made using the same panels but need bracing to remain square. I’ve used thin stainless steel wire and 10mm metal cotter pins holed on each end to take the wire. Tension is achieved by installing an electrical wire connector, making the squareness of the door adjustable.

The floor is raised above ground level and is made using (for mine) old fence post material. Flooring is some 15mm boarding found in a local skip. I coated the underside with bitumen to seal it.

Lighting is supplied by a couple of LED shed lights, so you can attend the shed night or day.

The shed holds 3 standard clothes rails with plenty of room to moved them around and load up.

Our fence line adjoins a communal access path so the structure was incorporated into our planned fence replacement work. Son Harry joins in the fun!


June 2013

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