Hilary Cox Condron, Artist

“Making space and taking the time to nurture our imaginations and the creativity that is inherent in all of us is regenerative. It rebalances us and opens our heart and minds to the world around us.” – Hilary Cox Condron

Hilary is a community artist, activist, storyteller, former politician and provocateur.

In her participatory arts practice, Hilary provokes creativity and playful exploration to reimagine the communities and places we live in. Her work builds and deepens connections to ourselves, each other, the natural environment and a hopeful vision of the future. Hilary often thinks of mycellium and how – as we share stories and weave connections – we are like these underground fungal networks that support the forests so that a new generation of trees can survive.

Hilary creates with communities to find wonder, strength and the seeds of new ideas in the edges, where lives collide: whether that is in the natural spaces between buildings or amongst marginalised communities. Together, they celebrate the wondrously diverse, quirky, queer and fabulous communities we live in. They make spaces where we can move away from binary and polemic conversations and learn to be fluid, adaptable and interconnected. The arts inspire love, empathy and a longing for something better as we recognise the awe on our doorsteps, share stories, and support each other – like the nature we are all a part of – to flex, adapt and collaborate to reimagine and create a balanced and thriving future.