A whole house approach to a 1960s retrofit: CB24

A whole house approach to a 1960s retrofit: CB24

Tue 5 Oct 2021, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Watch Shaun’s inspiring tour – a great opportunity to hear about Shaun’s experience of a complete retrofit and the pros and cons of retrofitting the entire house in one go. See video and slides of his tour below.

Meet your host, Shaun: Shaun believes that home is somewhere that should be a healthy place to be and make people feel safe and comfortable. He bought the house in 2011 and decided to take a whole house approach, completely gutting the building to tackle everything together. He has added in many eco measures to his home, some relatively standard measures alongside some more creative ones (such as solar PV in the garden powering the garden tools).

Shaun says “Our retrofit has made a huge difference to our overall standard of living: reducing pollen, dust and the frequency of cleaning; completely eliminating mould; almost no car and hot water running cost; heating only 4 months a year; no energy cost from home working; and the house is perfect for drying wet clothes indoors (no tumble dryer needed). I could go on…”

Key features of this home:

  • 4.5kW solar PV
  • Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System (MVHR)
  • Mostly solid foil covered foam insulation
  • Heating zones and room thermostats
  • Heat store and solar panel in garden
  • Solar hot water
  • Inter-glazed blinds to reduce solar gain

Download the full case study here

Video of tour

Shaun’s Slides

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