Home Ventilation Choices

Home Ventilation Choices

Tue 21 Sep 2021, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

This was a brilliant introduction to home ventilation by Vince House: why it’s important and ways of getting it right, including Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, but featuring Demand Controlled Ventilation, which is more feasible in some retrofits.

We all know that draughts waste energy (and are uncomfortable) but we do need ventilation. Which is the best solution for your house? The standard solution for PassivHaus construction is MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) but that is expensive and difficult to fit into existing homes, even if you agree it is appropriate. Last year, James’ OpenEcoHome  ‘Getting off Gas’ showcased a ventilation system from Aereco, amongst other features. James assures us he has had no problems and is happy with his choice. So that is at least one other possibility.

Vince House, head of Sales and Operations UK at Aereco, has kindly agreed to come back and explain the pros and cons of various ventilation options. Aereco specialises in demand controlled systems, which means that the level of ventilation varies automatically depending on need. Other systems give constant or manually controlled ventilation. Separately, systems can be passive (natural) or active, with and without heat recovery, whole house or room level. Whole house ventilation with MVHR requires ducts between rooms which is very difficult to retrofit but other whole house systems do not.

This is a rare opportunity to quiz an expert on a tricky subject.

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