Smart Electric Homes

Smart Electric Homes

Thu 6 Oct 2022, 7:00pm – 8:15pm

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  • Slides  from Paul, then Ian, with links on the last slides

The smart electric future is here.

Find out how to make all things electric work together to reduce your electricity bill and lower your CO2 footprint.

Thanks to the rapid pace of recent developments, it is now well possible to disconnect your home from gas altogether. Electric cars, heat pumps, induction hobs are readily available to replace their fossil fuel powered equivalents. Solar panels and battery systems have the potential to greatly reduce bills, and bring down the carbon cost of living even further.

Our two speakers will explain what they did to (almost) completely electrify their homes and how it has helped them to reduce energy bills and CO2 footprint. They will explain how they managed to make their electric cars, solar panels, home battery and heat pumps work together, and will give you an outlook on what they expect to get out of their systems in the near future.

Chair: Mark Brinkley

Speakers: Open Eco Homes hosts Paul Kershaw and Ian Cray

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