Living with a Heat Pump

Living with a Heat Pump

Thu 29 Sep 2022, 7:00pm – 8:15pm

This online panel discussion had 42 participants, with great feedback on the shared experiences and information. You can still see:

  • Video of this online session, with sections marked in the timeline
  • Slides from each panel member’s description of their home and heat pump situation

Real experiences of living with a heat pump in a variety of homes – what have we learned?

The best low carbon heating option for most homes is a heat pump, but living with a heat pump is not quite the same as living with a boiler.  Here we have a panel for you to quiz – an installer plus four householders who have been living with a heat pump for at least one heating season. How have they got on? Were there any teething problems? Have they changed their heating patterns for the heat pump? How do the bills compare with before? Any problems with noise? Are they comfortable?

There is a variety of homes represented on the panel: Norman has a modern detached with cavity walls; Yung-Chin and Nicola both have older homes with insulated solid walls, one detached and one terrace; Philip and Rachel have been doing a deep retrofit including underfloor heating. Peter is an installer and he can answer questions about what to expect and any technical issues.

This will be a panel session rather than a presentation – so get ready with your questions.

Chair: Bart Hommels


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