Greening Your Older Home

Greening Your Older Home

Thu 13 Oct 2022, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

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Find out how to make your historic building more energy efficient with the support of planning and conservation officers.

Why should we green our homes?

The UK has committed to reaching ‘net zero carbon’, where we do not create more carbon emissions than we absorb, by 2050. National and local government have brought in high energy efficiency standards for new homes, but we cannot meet our climate targets without reducing emissions and energy usage in all our homes. Improving energy efficiency is not only good for the climate, but it will also reduce your running costs, and increase the lifespan of your building. 

What we’ll cover

In this talk Emma Davies  and e will take you through how to approach greening older homes, with reference to retrofit guidance from the Sustainable Traditional Building Alliance.  Case studies of schemes in listed buildings and conservation areas that have been supported by conservation officers in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire will be covered to provide inspiration for possible approaches.


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