Carbon emissions in builds and retrofits

Carbon emissions in builds and retrofits

Tue 28 Sep 2021, 7:30pm – 8:30pm

A thought-provoking talk and discussion. See buttons below for video & slides

Are you extending or renovating your house? Are you aware of the carbon implications of this? Modern building standards reduce the in-use emissions from your house – from heating and lighting. However the carbon emissions from the actual construction are important too. The UK Green Building Council says that 10% of carbon dioxide emissions are directly associated with construction. Brick, cement and glass are all high energy and high embodied carbon. On the other hand, wood and other natural materials can store carbon and recycled materials are more carbon efficient than new – at least in the short to medium term. Durability is also important.

So how does you project stack up? Which windows to choose? Which claddings?  Which roofing materials? How do you minimise embodied carbon without paying a fortune or compromising on quality?

Mark Brinkley, author of the Housebuilder’s Bible, looks at the consequences of the purchase decisions you make when commissioning domestic building work.

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