Cool Homes in a Heatwave

Cool Homes in a Heatwave

Wed 25 May 2022, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Video of this Zoom Talk, with sections marked
Slides from the talk as a PDF, with working links
Keeping Cool in a Heatwave, a detailed 2-page PDF resource, with lots more links


How to prepare your home to stay cool in a heatwave

This free online talk, will help you get ready and stay comfortable in the next heatwave:

  • improve the shading of your home
  • control the ventilation to keep it cooler
  • avoid numerous ways of accidentally heating it
  • Keep yourself cool
    –  many improvements are low/no cost

Tom Bragg, an experienced presenter on this subject, and Margaret Reynolds, green architect, have both been Open Eco Homes hosts, when they showed their own ways of avoiding overheating.
Here’s a 42 sec video showing how to make the awning in the photo above.

“A very high proportion of existing homes already overheat in a normal summer, never mind ones like the summer of 2020 which caused around 2,300 deaths in England. There’s now a real prospect we’ll have more and more of these events, but we are not doing anything like enough to tackle the threat.”  Julia King,  UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC).


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