Cambridge Climate Change Charter Mass Sign Up Day

Cambridge Climate Change Charter Mass Sign Up Day

Sat 5 Jun 2021, Various

This World Environment Day we’re calling on Cambridge residents to join together and commit to taking action on climate change. On  Saturday June the 5th calculate your carbon footprint using our calculator and join individuals, businesses, and organisations across the city in signing the Cambridge Climate Change Charter.

Once you’ve signed on June the 5th, share your pledge on social media and help showcase the city-wide commitment to climate action. Use the hashtag #CamClimateCharter and tag Cambridge Carbon Footprint.

Already signed The Charter? You can still get involved by letting us know why you have pledged on social media using the hashtag #CamClimateCharter.

What is the Cambridge Climate Change Charter?

The Cambridge Climate Change Charter gives everyone the opportunity to find out more about their carbon emissions, how to reduce them, and to make a pledge to take action. Anyone in Cambridge can make a pledge to reduce their carbon footprint whether you’re an individual, household, business or organisation.

Join others taking part this World Environment Day and become part of the solution to the climate emergency.

Sign the Charter now

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