CCF Paris Workshop

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We’d offered to run a CCF workshop about personal footprints: “How to stop feeling helpless” at Climat Forum at a fairly bleak school in the Paris suburb of Montreuil. We only had confirmation a week ago. Publicity was minimal. Would anyone come?  YES: 36 people from Mauritius to Canada to Saffron Walden came, although some were circulating to several workshops. We’d divided our session into the 4 main carbon footprint elements: Home energy, Food, other Consumption & Travel, so it worked if people wanted to stop by for one of those. People from around the world shared their experiences, fortunately for me in English. One of the most obvious that I forget is that you can reduce your footprint by eating less. I’m practicing!  Anne had found favourable trends to show, like the surge of interest in vegetarianism & veganism – even in France!  PDF download here.

Urpo Taskinen (300x234)It was great having a wide age-range, with one young woman saying how inspirational she found it to hear older folk really engaged in climate action – which us oldies reciprocated!

On our way out we chatted with Urpo Taskinen, a Swedish guy who had cycled from there in his highly streamlined recumbent velomobil. People were amazed, but he was nonchalant; he’s used to travelling big distances in his work as an environmental officer, covering Norrbotten county, an area bigger than Belgium.

Tom Bragg

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