Write about climate change and actions to take

Putting your ideas into a written piece, like blog, article or letter, can help you not only reach out to people but also organising your thoughts and prioritise your efforts.


Writing is a great way to not only share knowledge but also gain a better understanding of the matter yourself. Delving deeper into climate change and climate solutions and organising your thoughts into written pieces, be it articles for a school paper, blog posts, letter or social media posts, is a great way to deepen that understanding and articulate what aspects of the challenge are most important to you and your network.

Even though climate change is an often discussed topic, many people don’t understand the power they have to help reduce emissions in their daily life.  Your readers will benefit from your personal views of the matter and may encourage more people to take action.


How to write about climate change will very much depend on the tools you would like to use. You can make climate change a regular feature in your newsletter, blog or other communications.


You might either already have a blog or think about starting one. Think about what sort of content you would like to feature on your blog. If you want to write about climate change regularly, it might make sense to sit down and plan a couple of posts into the future. Often bloggers would write a general post to introduce the topic and then dive into more details in the following posts, each focusing on a slightly different topic.

To write about climate change, a good opener might be to share your own commitment to reduce your carbon footprint. You could introduce the Cambridge Climate Change Charter and the actions you have selected to pledge. Following posts could then go into more detail on each of these actions. Feel free to use the guidance pages on this website for your research, they will be updated regularly. This way you can offer your readers information about how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

Letters and articles

You might be writing content for a newspaper or want to write a letter to your local paper on climate change. For such articles it might be good to pick a specific aspect of the subject that you want to write about. you could for example focus on a particular action that you want readers to adapt, e.g. eating less meat. Again you can find some background information on the
Cambridge Carbon Footprint website.

You can also turn to some other knowledgeable organisations and quote their campaigns and resources: