Review my household energy use regularly

Regularly reviewing your household’s energy use will help you identify and track any potential savings. Smart meters can be a great help to keep on top of your usage.


Regularly reviewing your energy bills will give you a good overview of where and when your using energy and where you might want to do more to reduce your demand. This will enable you to make better decisions around investing in energy efficient appliances or energy saving measures around your home.

Reminding you and your household members regularly that saving energy is indeed saving money will motivate and help you to reduce your demand and thus reduce your carbon emissions.


The easiest and most straight forward way to review your energy bills is by keeping them save when you receive them and arranging a regular time (maybe once or twice a year) to go over them. It can be more effective doing this with other household members and brainstorm together how you’re using your electricity and heat at the moment and where each member of your household sees the greatest potential for savings.

Smart metering

A smart meter is a gas and/or electricity meter that collects real time data and shares it with your provider. It also includes a in-home display, showing you what amount of energy your household is currently using.

How and why to get a smart meter installed is explained on this Smart Energy website.

Smart thermostats

Smart home appliances, such as smart thermostats, allow you to link your heating system to your personal devices, e.g. via apps. This enables you not only to regulate the heating of your home remotely but also get real-time insights into how much energy your’re using.

You can find more information on smart meters and heating controls on the Energy Saving Trust’s website.