Replace fleet vehicles with electric or hybrid models

You can estimate your carbon footprint using (free) tools and guidance. You can then track your emissions on an annual basis.​


A transition to zero carbon emissions over the next 30 years will only be possible if we switch off our old fossil-fuel powered engines and turn instead to electric vehicles. These can be charged with electricity, hopefully from renewable sources.

If your organisation delivers a lot of miles with it’s own vehicles, switching to electric or hybrid will have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. But it will also mean less air pollution and improved health for your staff and stakeholders.


Apart from being a big investment, it will not always be the most environmental step to replace a vehicle before the end of it’s life. However if it is time for a new model, you should really opt for an electric or hybrid model. This move is a key part of the UK Government’s future transport strategies and there are new incentives and support programmes coming out every year to make the transition easier for both businesses and households.

In order to switch your fleet to electric you will of course need to create the infrastructure, i.e. the charging points within your parking facilities. You might be able to receive financial help to do this.

More information on switching to electric vehicles is available on the Energy Saving Trust’s.