Reduce how far our products travel

Many products can be sourced more locally, thus reducing their mileage and your organisation’s carbon footprint.


Sourcing  your supplies as local as possible has two major benefits: One, you’re contributing more to the local economy. Money stays in the region and benefits your neighbours and fellow businesses. Two, you’re cutting down on the miles your supplies have to travel before they get to you. This means not only less over-sea traffic and road traffic, but also a vastly reduced carbon footprint for your goods.


Not all supplies can be sources locally. Certain materials, foods or products simply are not produced in the UK, let alone Cambridgeshire. However those supplies that need to be shipped from overseas can still be sourced from locations as close as possible. Or UK based alternatives could be found. There is also a surprising variety of UK grown foods or locally sourced materials available today.

Make It British helps UK businesses to promote their services in the UK and beyond.

Love British Food provides an overview of which produce is available in Britain and promotes some of it’s farmers and suppliers.