Take fewer baths and shorter showers

Turn off the tap. Every litre of warm water saved will not only save water but also energy and carbon.


Showering is quicker, cleaner and, best of all, more environmentally friendly than bathing. On average bathing accounts for 20% of household water usage. Baths can use up to 88 litres of water depending on their size, add to this the energy cost of heating that amount of water. According to the Environment Agency, 5 minutes in the shower can use a third of the water for a bath. There are also now low-water showers available that limit the amount of wastage even further.


Replacing as many baths as you can with a shower is probably one of the easiest actions you can take to save money and reduce your environmental footprint. Everyone can do it, and there is no investment necessary.

Get a low flow shower head

Switching to a low-flow shower head is a great way to reduce water costs and preserve our water supply. A standard shower head uses around 18 litres per minute, while a low flow unit only uses 9 litres per minute. They work in the exact same way as a regular shower head and provide the exact same shower experience. This easily installed device has a serious impact with minimal effort.

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