Carbon Conversations

Carbon Conversations is a series of six engaging meetings in which participants address climate change in a different way, focusing on values, emotions, lifestyle and identity as well as the basic facts of carbon emissions.

Led by trained volunteer facilitators, groups of between six and eight people meet in homes, community centres, workplaces or other venues. The six two-hour meetings engage people both emotionally and practically, helping them make environmental savings.

Members explore the basic climate change problem, their responses to it, their ideas for a low-carbon future and the four key areas of the footprint – home energy, travel, food and other consumption. Most members make reductions of 1 tonne CO2 during the meetings and develop plans to reduce further.

Hosted by experienced facilitators Jane Heal and Elizabeth May will meet at the CCF Office 7.30 to 9.30 pm on Wednesdays 9th, and 23rd April, 7th and 14th May, 4th June. There will also be a sixth more informal follow up meeting to be arranged for a later date.

The course costs £20 which includes all meetings and the Carbon Conversations handbook. To register your interest email

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