Volunteering with CCF

In an average year 150 volunteers help put on an incredible 65 climate friendly events in Cambridge. Volunteers aged between 18-80yrs help organise Open Eco Homes, Repair Cafes and swaps, green film screenings, green living courses, sustainable food conferences, eco fashion shows and much more.

Key info about volunteering with CCF

  • Dozens of different roles are available throughout the year: some last a few hours other a few days a week. Some require experience on say fundraising or home energy whilst others ask for general help with admin and stalls. Volunteer roles are advertised using current Role Descriptions and applications are made using our Application Form
  • CCF has a full volunteer programme offering support, training, expenses, recognition and the opportunity to try new things. We cherish our volunteers and this commitment is outlined in our Volunteer Policy and Volunteer Agreement
  • The Event and Volunteer Organiser is available to answer any general  queries on volunteering with us, or specific questions around current Role Descriptions t: 01223 301842 or email volunteering@cambridgecarbonfootprint.org.uk

Current Volunteer vacancies

Role Description Time Committment Location
Admin Volunteer Flexible but ideally 1.5 to 3 days a week preferred. Prefer full days but negotiable CCF office
Impact and Evaluation Volunteer Flexible, minimum 1 day/week CCF office initially, but later flexible
Fundraising Volunteer Flexible but roughly 3-4 hours per week Various locations in Cambridge
Publicity Support Volunteer 3-5 hours every other month Distributing to various locations around Cambridge (mostly central)

For more environmental jobs see environmentjob.co.uk.

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Volunteer Case Studies

See who currently volunteers with us and what they do:

Peter - Comm's Support

"I got involved initially when they asked me to come in and run a session on how they could market themselves and communicate more effectively...I love small organisations with ambitions to punch above their weight, which is CCF all over."

Bernard - Home Energy Helper

“I have been involved for 5 years and in that time been involved with the Climate Friendly Homes and as a Thermal Imaging Surveyor, a helper on stalls and Open Eco Homes steward.”

Jane - Trustee

"CCF is thoughtful, lively, inclusive. You will stretch and challenge yourself, meet some interesting people."

"A low-carbon future could be so very good! It matters that we move things as far as we can in the right direction."

Tom - Repair Engineer

"I am particularly keen on consumer technology and repairs."

"The best bits about being involved are celebrating successful events when we've inspired new people."

Bev - Outreach Team

“I love running workshops for new audiences, hearing their views, getting new ideas… Climate change can be a daunting challenge - even though we are only working locally, it is amazing how much more positive I feel because I'm working with other like-minded people”

Brand - Cook

“I started in the kitchen at the Food Conference and I have been involved in the 5:2 Good Food Challenge…The passion, support and knowledge which is available (at CCF) is amazing”

Katie - Designer

"The best bit about being with CCF is experiencin the hype when we are on the final run up to an event and everyone is working together to get things ready - there's an excited energy."