Eating Local

Eating Local is a quarterly food challenge that encourages participants to think about the contribution food makes to climate change.

How does it work?

Participants aim to eat local, seasonal food for anywhere between one day and one month:

  • ‘Local’ is defined as within a 30-mile radius for vegetables, fruit and meat, or within East Anglia (includes Lincolnshire) for other things
  • Participants allow themselves up to five non-local items, which cannot be sourced locally (e.g. coffee, bananas)

There are regular opportunities during the challenge for Eating Local foodies to meet up and share experiences, ideas and tips. In addition, participants are invited to share their experiences via the Sustainable Food blog (optional).

What are the benefits?

  • Explore the contribution food makes to climate change
  • Experience the amazing diversity of our local seasonal produce
  • Learn where to shop for tasty, local food
  • Make new friends – join our regular bring-and-share meals!

Click here to read an article by a challege participant about the benefits of eating local.

Quotes from recent participants:

“Taking part in the eating local challenge has opened my eyes to the benefits of using locally grown food. Not only can you save money by buying your veg from local producers, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how tasty the locally-reared chicken was, compared to what you can buy in the supermarkets. […] the challenge has helped to improve my diet as well as support local businesses.”

“One of the great benefits for me has been […] the incredible difference in the shopping experience – from a nightmare slog around a chilly, impersonal supermarket to engaging chats in markets and local shops, where you make friends with the growers and retailers and know exactly where your food is coming from.” (Bev)

“I thought I was quite good at eating local anyway, but you just don’t realise how many ingredients you use on a day to day basis without giving a thought as to where they were grown and how they got here […] it’s definitely resulted in some positive long term changes in the way I shop and eat!” (Carolyn)

What next?

Join the conversation about sustainable food

Sustainable Food Blog


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Join the challenge!

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