Big Bunting Sew Up

bunting 2Cambridge Women’s Resource Center
The Wharf, Hooper Street
Cambridge, CB1 2NZ


Groups from around the UK are working on bunting for the ‘Speak Up For the Love of…’ climate lobby and here in Cambridge the Ladybirds WI and Cambridge Carbon Footprint are collaborating on craftavism under the banner of The #Cambridge Cares Big Bunting Project.

Whether it’s bees, babies, or the barrier reef everyone loves something which will be affected by climate change. Organised by the Climate Coalition, ‘The Speak Up for the Love of…‘ event on June 17 will be an inspirational day of action on climate change. It’ll be a chance to tell the new government loud and clear that we all care about something that’s affected by climate change – and we all support them in taking strong action to protect everything we hold dear.

Our bunting will make a huge visual statement at the Speak Up event. Not everyone will be able to be there for the day, but we can all be there in spirit by sending our messages of support on a mass of bunting. Together we can craft the change we want to see!


There are loads of ways to get involved with making bunting in Cambridge. If you’re planning on going to the lobby let us know here, or on the Facebook event page. You can make your climate bunting following the directions below and take it along with you. If you can’t make it on June 17, you can be there in spirit by:

– Decorating a flag at the Cambridge Carbon Footprint and LadyBirds WI 1940s themed stall at Strawberry Fair on June 6th

– Making your own flag or bunting and drop it off to the Cambridge Carbon Footprint office any time before June 10th

– Joining us at the #CambridgeCares Big Bunting Sew Up on Thursday 11th at 7.30pm. We’ll have flags for decorating and sewers on hand turning all of our flags into streams of bunting (please send us a message if you can help with this)


1. Get some old material, unwanted clothes, fairtrade cotton or anything else you can get your hands on. (We suggest something lighter if you’re planning on drawing on your fabric.)

2. Cut out triangles of roughly equal size (we’re going with an isosceles triangle with a base of 20cm and long sides of 25cm)

3. Write, draw or otherwise decorate your triangle, with what it is that you love and want to protect from climate change. Do this on as many flags as you like.

4. Sew or attach the flags onto a long piece of material or ribbon, leaving gaps about half as wide as the flags. Or drop them off to us to sew up for you.


– knitting or crocheting your bunting?
– having a bunting party?
– getting your workplace/sports team/community group together to decorate a flag?

We’ll take all the bunting we can carry to Westminster on June 17 to show the world what you love that is threatened by climate change!

If you’d like to join us for the sew up please email us at or RSVP on the Facebook event page.

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