Simple joys and pigeon stir-fry!

One of my weekly joys is shopping at the Sunday market – the picture shows a very bundled up me on the right buying veg from Mayflower Organics (Simon Steel in Littleport). Another great joy is people’s kindness – as soon as people hear about the project, they give me things: a bag of freshly-dug Jerusalem artichokes (thanks Beryl!), more delicious veg from Dave Fox’s allotment (that gorgeous creamy squash, pink fir apple potatoes, cavolo nero and red russian (I’d never heard of red russian before this year (did you know it was a type of kale?) and now I love it!), beautiful tight brussels sprouts you can eat all of without trimming. It’s such a joy!

Pigeon stir-fry!

We had such a delicious stir-fry this week: thinly-sliced pigeon-breast (Cottenham pigeon, courtesy of Brian Kearns at the Sunday market) with an assortment of veg (squash, thinly-sliced cabbage, leeks, broccoli, onions) spiced up with red chilli and lots of garlic. (I’ve also tried slicing brussels sprouts and stir-frying them very lightly, so they keep their beautiful bright green colour – AND I’ve eaten them raw in a winter salad – delicious!)

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