Warm Homes in Trumpington

Trumpington Pavilion,

This home energy event, focusing on a particular area of Cambridge, attracted nearly 50 visitors, many of whom stayed for several talks and workshops. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with people finding the workshops (on DIY and energy-saving at no extra cost) particularly helpful.

Feedback from participants

“The best things were the home visit and the DIY session”

“Lovely place, easy to get to, friendly group of people, lots of good information.”

“The best thing was having experts on hand and having my questions answered.”

The event focused on the types of houses in Foster Road, Paget Road and Byron Square in Trumpington, which have about 360 post-war semi-detached and terraced homes:
– some council-owned and some owner-occupied
– some with cavity walls and some steel-framed.

As well as the workshops, there were:

  • videos of how Foster Road residents have improved their homes’ energy-efficiency and comfort, with suggestions for further improvements
  • visits to houses in the area with sustainable architect Anne Cooper of AC Architects and energy expert Alex Rice
  • talks by Anne Cooper, Justin Smith of Cambridge City Council, and Sarah Berenger from Aran Services, who talked about insulation older houses
  • stalls to browse with experts from Aran Services, Green Heat, Midsummer Energy, Cambridge Carbon Footprint and Transition Cambridge
  • displays on energy efficiency
  • an interactive model eco-home, “energy bike” and other activities for children.

The event was a collaboration between Cambridge Carbon Footprint and the Transition Cambridge Energy Group, with support from the Cambridge City  Council.

If you are interested in the following, please get in touch the CCF office:

• DIY energy-saving workshop

• attractive A2 displays of ways to save energy in your home