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How to measure and report emissions, decarbonise operations and demonstrate climate leadership 

‘Industry accounts for 49% of carbon emissions in Cambridge, businesses therefore have a crucial role to play in responding to the climate emergency. The Charter shows a number of ways your organisations can respond to this challenge and commit to being part of the solution:


Measure and report our emissions: Estimating your organisation’s carbon emissions using a carbon footprint tool will help you better understand where your activities create harmful emissions and where your priorities for action should lie.


Start to decarbonise our operations: Engaging staff and stakeholders in developing a plan to reduce the carbon footprint of your operations is an good first step to plan your decarbonisation process. But the most important thing is to take action and make it happen. 


Demonstrate climate leadership: Use your organisation’s influence, skills and resources to help others to understand and reduce their carbon emissions too.’

Take action

Measure and report our emissions

Decarbonise operations

Demonstrate climate leadership