How can we help?

This page is for Repair Cafe organising groups in Cambridgeshire who have completed our “How to run a Repair Cafe in your community” training. It sets out all the details of the support that we offer. We regularly update our systems, please check this page each time you run a Repair Cafe for the latest information on how we can help you.

Book a toolkit

We currently have three Repair Cafe toolkits: one in central Cambridge, one in Soham in East Cambs, and one in Sawston in South Cambs. To book your nearest toolkit please email with the date, time and location of your planned Repair Cafe. Please note that we only lend out our toolkit to groups who have done our “How to run a Repair Cafe” training, have got insurance in line with our recommendations below and have at least one of the experienced repairers from our network repairing with them.

Find repairers

We send a monthly newsletter on the first Thursday of the month to our register of well over 100 experienced volunteer repairers in Cambridgeshire. The newsletter includes a list of upcoming Repair Cafes that are seeking repairers and a form that allows repairers to sign up to offer their support. We recommend that you include a request for repairers 3 months ahead of your Repair Cafe. Please email to put in your request. You can ask for repairers with all types of skills or you can put in specific requests e.g. for a PAT tester or sewer. We have a duty of care to our volunteers so will only recruit repairers for organising groups who have completed our “How to run a Repair Cafe in your community” training and have insurance in line with our recommendations below.

Listing your event

We are currently between systems so please list your event on Restarters by following the guidance here AND email your event listing details to

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Thank you to our sponsors who support the vibrant community repair movement in Cambridgeshire