Thermal Imaging & Training

Helen Taylour TI (640x428)Covid-19 means that our normal methods of lending and receiving back cameras at CCF office and CAR are no longer safe or feasible. The normal thermal imaging cold weather season is over anyway till the autumn. 

In the autumn, or when it's safe, we'll organise more thermal imaging training evenings and restart camera loans to trained people. Details will appear below (Upcoming training sessions), or sign up for CCF newsletters (on the right) for announcements.   

Thermal imaging can vividly show where your home is leaking heat, revealing problems with insulation, draughts, etc.
The images are most revealing when it’s >10°C warmer inside than out, so this is mainly a winter activity.

Some of the problems shown are easy for householders to fix, like draught-proofing, and some, like faulty insulation, may need professional help (not part of this project).  Significant improvements in comfort, energy bills and carbon emissions are  often made as a result.

Come to a training evening to learn how to use our thermal cameras and interpret their images -
then you can borrow a camera to survey your home, those of friends or family and (we hope) others in your neighbourhood. It's great to see your home in a new light and people find it good motivation towards fixing the problems revealed. 

If you want a survey, come to a training session, or if that's not your thing, can you persuade a friend to come to one and then survey your home?

Upcoming training sessions

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Free, but booking essential - select one of the sessions above to book online.

See our Thermal Imaging Guide and further resources

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