Thermal Imaging Guide

Thermal imaging (TI) vividly shows where buildings are wasting heat. This guide shows you how.
Why Thermal Imaging gives more reasons to try it.

The Flir One £200 2nd Generation smartphone add-on enables community groups and citizens to get started with TI.
Sept’17: 3rd Generation has arrived – more on this soon.

This guide is based on Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s experience since 2009, training over 250 volunteer TI surveyors, who have surveyed many hundreds of homes and community buildings, revealing thousands of ways that buildings waste energy unnecessarily.
We’ve used Fluke TiR and TiR105 cameras, thanks to grants from Cambridge City Council that enabled us to buy them.
Recently we’ve used and evaluated the Flir One 2g.
We have no commercial or other relationship with Fluke or Flir.

Why TI?             it’s worthwhile & fun
TI Basics            gets you started
Interpreting TI  lots of building images and what they reveal
Auto & Manual  control how colours represent temperature
Reflections        glass can be confusing
Emissivity          shiny metals give misleading temperatures
and specialist pages:
TI with Smartphones
TI Software
TI in a Heatwave

Please don’t give building advice or make ‘improvements’ that you’re not sure about.  Involve experienced or professional help, as needed.

Best wishes for your imaging – hoping it’s revealing!
Please credit or link to this guide, if you find it useful.

Tom Bragg  CCF TI Trainer

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