Solar Together – Lower cost PV & Batteries

A new Cambridgeshire-wide Solar Together scheme uses group-buying for solar panels and optional battery storage to bring you these at lower cost.

Thousands of households have already registered (including Anne and mine) and on October 6th the first auction will be held to select the best value installer. In late October we’ll all be emailed a quote and specifications for an installation, based on our roof, etc. We have until 11 December to decide whether to accept the quote and if so, we should be getting solar electricity from our roof by the end of May., long with battery storage, if chosen,

Batteries are catching on fast to enable you to power more of your appliances, heat-pump or car charging from your solar panels.

The Scheme is run by iChoosr who have worked with over 160 local council over the last 8 years, running Solar Together and Big Community Switch scheme..