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This is where you can find information about the resources that we offer to support established Repair Cafes in Cambridgeshire. We regularly update our systems, please check this page each time you run a Repair Cafe for the latest information on the support that we can offer.

This page was last updated: December 2023

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Booking a toolkit is easy, just follow our step by step guide.

The toolkit includes important safety equipment and signage as well as tools that repairers in our network rely on. For this reason you must book a toolkit if you would like to list your Repair Cafe on our website and recruit repairers from our network. See an example toolkit inventory.

We currently have two toolkits that are lent out to Cambridgeshire Repair Cafes, and we’ve recently raised funds for a third that will be purchased at the start of 2024.


To be eligible to book a toolkit you must:

  1. Confirm that at least one member of your Repair Cafe organising group has attended our ‘How to run a Repair Cafe’ training session (you will be asked to provide their name);
  2. Agree to take out the recommended level of insurance (see our insurance guidance document);
  3. Have a venue booked for your desired date before booking the toolkit; and,
  4. Agree to collect and return the toolkit in a timely manner and store it safely

We currently have two toolkits, with a third coming soon. Please book the toolkit that is closest to you to avoid car miles associated with Repair Cafes. 


Toolkit nameLocationDrop off/collection
Toolkit 1Mackays, Central CambridgeDuring Mackays opening times 
Toolkit 2Soham By arrangement 
[Toolkit 3][Sawston][Coming soon]


The available dates on the calendar have been restricted to one Repair Cafe per toolkit per weekend. Please email us if you would like to borrow a toolkit on a weekend when it is already in use e.g. if there is already a Repair Cafe on a Saturday using your desired toolkit and you would like to hold a Repair Cafe on the Sunday. We will check whether a swift handover is possible and then add your booking if appropriate. 

The standard assumption is that toolkits are collected at the earliest 12.00 noon on the Wednesday preceding the Repair Cafe and returned at the latest 12.00 noon on the Wednesday following the Repair Cafe. Sometimes it saves time and car-miles (so emissions) by taking toolkits directly from one Repair Cafe to the next. These arrangements will be made by email.


After booking you will receive a confirmation email that includes:

  • Your booking details
  • Contact details for you to arrange a time for collection (as required)
  • Collection instructions e.g. how to access the toolkit
  • A toolkit inventory 

In all cases to collect the toolkit you will need:

  • A car
  • Two people to lift the large toolbox into the car. If you need to collect the toolkit alone, please request help from your toolkit host to lift the large toolbox.
Toolkit nameLocationCollection arrangements
Toolkit 1Mackays, Central Cambridge

During Mackays opening times show your booking confirmation to a member of staff

Toolkit 2Soham 

By arrangement with

[Toolkit 3][Sawston][Coming soon]

We ask for a £20 contribution towards the upkeep of the network including replenishing toolkit consumables, maintaining the resources on the Repair Cafe Organisers Hub and putting together the monthly call for repairers in the newsletter. 

Name: Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account number: 65216648

Reference: TK [Name of your Repair Cafe]

Booking calendar coming soon...

To reserve a toolkit you must:

  • have attended our ‘How to run a Repair Cafe’ training session;
  • have a venue booked;
  • have appropriate insurance;
  • have at least one experienced repairer from our network, who is willing to take responsibility for the toolkit, repairing at your Repair Cafe; 
  • agree to pay £20 to replenish toolkit consumables; 
  • agree to inform us of any problems with the toolkit/consumables that need to be replenished;
  • agree to collect and return the toolkit in a timely manner.

If all of the above holds true, please check our events calendar for a suitable date and then email to request a toolkit. We currently have two toolkits so it’s possible to have two Repair Cafes on the same day within the network.


Thank you to everyone who helps to make Repair Cafés a reality.