Open Eco Homes 2015

Alex & Visitors Lingrey Ct - Crop (269x117)

Open Eco Homes was a great success with about 400 visits made to fifteen exciting low-energy homes, both new-build and retro-fit.  Visitors were delighted with what they saw and learnt. Householders showed and explained the energy-saving features of their homes – the pros and cons – and how to improve comfort while cutting energy bills and carbon emissions.
Visits are free. Donations welcome.

Now in its sixth year, the annual Open Eco Homes event informs and inspires visitors to improve the energy efficiency of their own homes or choose very efficient new ones.  The homes demonstrate a wide range of eco-renovation technologies, from underfloor heating to wood burners, all kinds of insulation, right through to green roofs, gardens and waterbutts.

Feedback from 406 visits made during Open Eco Homes 2014 show the effectiveness of the event: 80% of visitors said they were better informed, with 54% reporting they would install more insulation and 41% saying they would install renewable energy such as solar thermal and solar photovoltaics.

Here are case studies of previous Open Eco Homes with details of their energy-saving features.

5 Follow-up Events will also help turn inspiration into real energy savings

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