Milk substitutes (1) – Jane

Circular Cambridge is a season of events that celebrates progressive ways to design, manufacture, access, repair and reuse the things that we want and need in our lives. 

What milk substitute to go for if one cannot do without something milky in tea, coffee, on one’s cereal etc?  This turns out to be pretty confusing!   There are plenty of varieties to choose from and a lot of considerations to juggle. This last week I have been trying Oatly and also a version of rice milk from Provamel. On the upside for these is that they are environmentally pretty much ok, in that their carbon footprint is much less than that of milk.  And to drink just straight, or to put on cereal, they are fine – if a bit unexciting. So far so good. But, on the downside, nutritionally, as far as protein and calcium are concerned, they contribute much less to diet than milk. So anyone relying on milk for protein and calcium and switching to either of these will need to be careful that they are getting enough from other sources. And for me, in tea and coffee (particularly coffee) they do not do quite what is wanted, and Oatly tends to curdle.  (But perhaps I should get out of the mindset of looking for an exact milk equivalent? My guess is that, with familiarity, both of these could become more acceptable.)


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