Grow-your-own (GYO)

There are lots of great benefits to growing your own food. From an environmental perspective, GYO dramatically reduces your food’s carbon footprint. The industrial food system relies on intensive use of pesticides and fertilisers, farm machinary, food processing, refrigeration, transportation and packaging, which together make a significant contribution to CO2 emissions. All of these can be bypassed by GYO.

Being able to eat food straight from your garden or allotment provides a source of great tasting, fresh ingredients and often more variety that you will find at your local supermarket. And, once you have made the initial investment in getting your growing space started, it can save you significant amounts of money on food bills and is a low-cost, healthy, family activity too.

As anyone who has ever done any gardening will know, growing your own food also offers a number of health benefits. These may take the form of better nutrition, improved fitness, well-being and sensory stimulation, and social interaction.

So why not start today!

Our resident gardening expert and keen allotmenteer, Keith Jordan, provides regular articles featuring seasonal information and top tips for gardeners of all abilities:

We also run regular GYO workshops and events. Click here for details of upcoming events.

Useful links

You can also find a series of links below to help your growing space.

Cambridge Allotments Network
Information on allotment sites and societies and how to join, seed swaps etc.

Homegrown UK
A national garden share community.

Master composters
A network of volunteers called master composters, dedicated to: raising awareness of the benefits of composting, encouraging people to home compost, helping those already composting to do so more effectively, and encouraging the setting up of community composting schemes.  To learn more, contact Compost Connexions at Cambridgeshire Community Reuse and Recycling Network (CCORRN) on 01354 742300.

Real Seeds
The Real Seed Catalogue is a private collection of vegetable varieties selected particularly for the home grower. All have been chosen from personal experience for great taste and simple cultivation. All are non-hybrid, non-genetically-modified, reliable and easy to grow.

Transition Cambridge Garden Share Scheme
If you have space in your Cambridge garden that is underused or if you want to grow your own veg but don’t have a garden to do it in.

Wildfoodie: Tel: 07913085797.
Foraging workshops and walks – learn about local wild foods and eat for free!