Food for a Greener Future

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Food for a Greener Future was a campaign that CCF ran during the latter part of 2013 and early 2014 promoting local, seasonal, sustainable food. The aim was to combine a series of fun events and activities to educate and inspire members of the Cambridge community to take a keen, active interest in where their food is sourced.


Foodie initiatives you can become involved with…

Eating is delicious. Local food is amazing. We need legislation which supports sustainable food initiatives so that more of these initiatives can thrive and survive in our world – so that we can have more abundant, diverse, delicous food! There are lots of ways to advocate changes, but signing up and supporting an established (and timely) advocacy campaign is a really effective way of magnifying your voice – a bit like a group of loud people, all suddenly shouting the same thing at once. Here are a couple we support, and we suggest you sign up to also – spread the word!!

Join the brand new Cambridge Sustainable Food City!

SFC network members logoOn Monday 18th November there was a consultation meeting with representatives from over 35 different organisations at which it was decided that Cambridge should apply to become part of the new national Sustainable Food Cities Network. The meeting was organised by Cambridge Carbon Footprint, in collaboration with Cambridge City Council and Transition Cambridge, and since then we have established a 12-strong steering group, with representation from community, public and private sector food organisations.

Both organisations and individuals can join Cambridge Sustainable Food City. Our website will showcase the wide range of sustainable food projects in the area and if you are interested in supporting sustainable food in Cambridge then you can sign up to be a member and to receive our newsletter. We send out regular emails about local sustainable food events and projects, as well as campaigns and lobbying.

Further afield…

 the pig idea image The Pig Idea – Sign the pledge to reduce your food waste, and send a message to our government to change legislation so that our food waste can go safely to feed livestock like pigs rather than into landfill. Feed for pigs in the UK is mostly cereal crops grown on farmlands carved from the Amazon Rainforest. A demand for more land is driving logging – A good reason to sign up to The Pig Idea!
 real bread campaign The Real Bread Campaign – There are lots of ingredients in things which can be labelled ‘bread’. Lots of these ingredients are things which you might not realise you’re eating, and might not like to eat if you did know. It’s a confusing list, and so to cut out the confusion, there is this simple logo, which can be stamped on breads which are ‘real’: better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.


Past events…

Celebration of local foods at Fitzbillies


Thursday, 21st November 2013

This delicious sustainable dinner was the official launch of our Food for a Greener Future Campaign.

We packed the house out and had a grand old time! The head chef, Rosie Sykes, designed the menu and explained why she felt that local food was so important, and that Cambridge had alot to offer the local food scene. Duncan Catchpole of Cambrige Organic Food Company shared some stories of where the local produce had come from, as he works with many of the suppliers in the area, and supplies most of Fitzbillies produce regularly. Bev Sedley then launched our Campaign! She talked about the emerging Cambridge Sustainable Food City (CSFC) and the Food for a Greener Future Conference.

Many thanks to all the people who came to the dinner, we packed the house out. And to all the people who helped to get the word out there about the campaign and the launch: many thanks!


Eating Local Challenge

Monday, 13th January – Sunday 26th January 2014

Roll up your sleeves, switch your brain into ‘inventive cooking’ mode, and get ready to go crazy in the kitchen! After a break over the summer and autumn, we’re once again once again gearing up for our next food challenge. Your goal? To source all of your food from within a 30-mile radius of Cambridge for two weeks, with an extra emphasis on reducing your meat and dairy intake.


Local Food Roots film screening followed by a bring and share meal

local food roots imageTuesday, 28th of January – 7pm Friends Meeting House.

“This inspiring documentary chronicles the emergence of an innovative local food movement from a handful of pioneers battling against the odds in the early 90s to the diverse UK-wide movement of today. From the first pioneering organic box schemes to feeding cities and local food culture, we explore the diversity, motivations, challenges and opportunities and what this might mean for our future.”

An inspiring film bound to inspire an appetite… and what a great opportunity to sample our own Cambridge local food – so please bring along a plate of food to share after the film screening.


Food For a Greener Future Conference

peas logo green

Saturday, 8th February 2014

Challenge your assumptions about sustainable eating (and your tastebuds too!) at this full day food extravaganza.There will be talks, workshops, local stalls and of course, eating…

With guest speakers: Jess Halliday (works with Tim Lang at the Centre for Food Policy), Mike Small of the Fife Diet, Duncan Williamson of WWF, Daniel Isles of WDM, Dr Marie-Ann Ha of ARU, Tine Roche from the Cambridge Cookery School, and Tom Curtis from Landshare.


Banquet invite5:2 Good Food Dinner Party

29th April 2014,     7pm onwards
Friends Meeting House, Jesus Lane

As part of our 5:2 Good Food Challenge, we’ve decided to host a scrumptious bring-and-share dinner party. CCF will be providing nibbles, drinks and dessert as well as a couple of after dinner talks – all you have to do is bring along a main meal to share with everyone else!

Entrance is free and anyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested in joining us then please email Elaina on with your name, contact details, and how many people (and their names!) you will bring with you.


5:2 Good Food Challenge

52 logoRegister anytime between March 5th and April 13th, and take part for 40 days.

Over a total period of 40 days meat eaters will try eating a vegetarian diet for 2 days out of 7 and vegetarians can have a go at being vegan.

Did you know that getting food to our tables accounts for an estimated 30% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions? Eating large quantities of meat and dairy as we do in the UK is especially harmful for the environment so we here at CCF are adapting the popular 5:2 intermittent fasting idea and challenging you to eat in way that’s kinder to the planet.

Click here for more info about the challenge, resources, tips, and recipes.