Exciting opportunity to join our Eating Local blog on Jan 1st!

After the usual excesses of Christmas and New Year we thought it would be a good time to get our Eating Local project going again, this time in the winter! So, if you want a New Year’s resolution that you have a good chance of keeping for six weeks, do join us from January 1st!

In the autumn four of us (Carolyn, Penny, Rod and Bev) successfully ate local, seasonal food for six weeks and blogged about it. Some of you said “Oh, that’s not so difficult! There’s so much wonderful fruit and veg around in the autumn – just you try it in January and February, when there’s nothing except cabbages and potatoes!” Well, we are taking up the challenge, convinced that delicious food can be enjoyed in January, too! Because meat (even if local) is such a greenhouse-gas intensive food, some of us are planning to go meat-free as well (unless we can find low-carbon meat – watch this space!).

We are looking for more people to join us. If you are interested, email Mary at the office.

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