Workshop – Successful draught proofing and ventilation

Workshop - Successful draught proofing and ventilation

Draught proofing is usually the lowest cost, most effective way of improving your home’s comfort or reducing energy bills, typically by £25-50 per year It’s often one of the few ways tenants can achieve this and is a job that most of us can do ourselves. If you prefer to get professional help, this session will help you understand the issues and what probably needs doing. We’ll cover finding and fixing draughts with demonstrations

But don’t seal your home: you need enough ventilation for good air-quality and to prevent condensation and mould forming, which can be reduced in other ways too. We’ll discuss what not to seal-up and getting the balance of ventilation right, which is often a matter of personal preference.

There will be some free items of draught proofing materials to share out.

Workshop leader:

  • Tom Bragg – Open Eco Homes host


Event Details

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Tuesday 17th Sep 2019

The Refectory, Wesley Methodist Church
Christ’s Pieces

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