Towards Decarbonisation: A Home Living Lab - Ely

Towards Decarbonisation: A Home Living Lab – Ely

Wed 5 Oct 2022, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Peter gave a really useful, detailed tour of his home online, featuring lots of innovative Technology

You can still follow it with:

  • Video of the Zoom Tour, with sections marked in the timeline
  • Peter’s Slides with links on the last slide
  • Case Study of Peter’s Home and technologies used

Meet your host, Peter

A professed “early adopter”, Peter has been experimenting with the latest low carbon technologies for nearly 20 years, turning his 1975 semi-detached home into a living laboratory. The solar thermal panels Peter installed in 2003 means he can go nearly six months without needing to heat his hot water. And the new zero emission electric boiler installed this year means that Peter has been able to get his home totally off gas, a major milestone on his journey to decarbonisation.

Peter says: In mid April 2022, the 30+ year old gas boiler was replaced with a Tepeo Zero Emissions electric Boiler (ZEB) that is connected to the existing wet radiator system. It utilises the cheapest low carbon available electricity to heat the system and store the heat until it is required, it is then distributed around the existing radiator system throughout the house.… My main focus now is on the optimisation, interoperability and integration of the building services.”

Key Features of this home

  • Solar thermal and three solar PV arrays (5.8kW/p) connected to a large 15kW battery storage system
  • Tepeo Zero Emissions electric Boiler (ZEB) connected to wet radiator system
  • Two EV charging units, one with vehicle to home and vehicle to grid capability
  • Replaced 30 year old double glazing windows with new ones in 2022
  • Low energy lighting
  • Tado smart thermostat valves for radiators

Peter’s top tips for being more energy efficient at home

  • Take a whole house approach towards decarbonising your home linking it with any planned improvements and extensions.
  • Think “Fabric First” to ensure, where possible, you have made energy efficiency improvements to the fabric of the property.
  • Every property is unique so “ask around” to seek expert advice on what might be the most suitable building services (heating, Ventilation, Solar PV, Battery storage) to install in your property. Also consider types of energy tariffs, their flexibility and potential standing charge savings to be made if going off mains gas.

Peter also gave in-Person tours of his home on Wed 12 Oct & Sat 11 Oct, both at 11:00 & 13:30

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