Thermal Imaging Training 22 Jan 2024

Thermal Imaging Training 22 Jan 2024

Mon 22 Jan 2024, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

This free, online training session shows how you can use a thermal imaging camera to reveal where buildings are leaking heat.

The images are a great visual record of what needs fixing, but doing the fixing isn’t included here!

We’ll cover:

  • using the cameras to get revealing images of poor insulation, draughts, faulty windows, heating problems, etc.
  • how to interpret the images and understand common pitfalls that lead to misinterpretation
  • how to book a free camera loan – available when you’re trained by this session
    –  along with good time for questions

We’ll have even more cameras on loan than last season, hosted around Cambridge City and South Cambs, to help people borrow one fairly locally.
As well as using a camera to reveal and record thermal problems around your home, we hope you can offer to investigate another home, community building or even more.

Training and loans are free (donations very welcome), but booking for this training is essential:

Book TI Training Mon 22Jan 2024

We’ll send bookers details for joining this online training in email reminders 3 days and 3 hrs before it starts.