Thermal Imaging Training 2 (online)

Thermal Imaging Training 2 (online)

Thu 9 Dec 2021, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Thermal imaging vividly reveals where a building is leaking heat and therefore wasting energy. By using a thermal imaging camera you can look at your home and find out where the weaknesses are. This can then help to know what interventions would be most useful to tackle. This can include insulating your roof, walls or floors, installing better fitting doors and windows or just blocking up small gaps.

These popular training sessions are for anyone who is interested in examining their or their friends’ homes, community buildings, schools and so on. The cameras are most useful for assessing older homes, but they are also helpful for finding defects in new homes and renovations. As thermal imaging works best when the inside of the building is at least 10°C warmer than outside, it’s a winter activity and we’ll be offering a number of these training sessions this winter.

By joining this 90 minute online training session you’ll learn from expert trainers how to use the cameras and how to interpret their images. After the session, you’ll then be able to make bookings to borrow one of our cameras to conduct your own surveys.

Training and loans are free, but booking is essential.

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