Repair Cafe as part of the Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival

Repair Cafe as part of the Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival

Sat Oct 16, 1:00pm – 3:00pm

CCF and Transition Cambridge are taking part in the Cambridge Zero Climate Change Festival and marking International Day of Repair with a Repair Cafe. A few good reasons to repair:

  • The UK is still the world’s second largest producer of e-waste. We produce an average 23.9kg per capita, the average European’s is 16.2kg.
  • Repairing preserves precious resources for future generations. Many of the minerals currently dumped into landfill and burned will be needed for our future renewable technologies.
  • The average medium sized laptop uses the same amount of CO2e in it’s production and manufacture as a flight from London to Berlin (263kg)!

Repair Cafes are community events that match people who need stuff fixed with people who like fixing things. Cambridgeshire is a region with one of the greatest number of Repair Cafes on the planet and they’re a key part of a circular economy that seeks to reduce waste and resource use whilst also cutting carbon emissions. At this Repair Cafe  we’ll be taking bookings for household items, electricals, toys, clothing, bikes, jewellery etc. 

This Repair Cafe is free to attend though donations are gratefully received. Booking is essential, to book your item in please click click here or use the button below.

Face coverings will be required and we’ll be following reasonable social distancing measures.


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St Andrew’s Hall, St Andrew’s Road Chesterton CB41DH

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