Marmalade Lane 5 Years on

Marmalade Lane 5 Years on

Sat 7 Oct 2023, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Meet your hosts, Alice and Vincent

Join us in revisiting the innovative, *award winning, and beautiful development of Marmalade Lane. Alice and Vincent will guide you around some of the well-loved homes and give an inspiring talk on the ideas around co-housing, and the key benefits and lessons learnt from this particular community in Cambridge.


Completed in December 2018, K1 Cohousing on Marmalade Lane in Orchard Park is a development with very high environmental standards across its 42 properties, houses and apartments plus community buildings.

Residents  have responsibility for the running of the community and the management of the buildings and extensive shared areas. In addition to their own home, residents have access to a large shared garden and common house, spare bedrooms, amenity rooms, office, laundry, workshop and gym.

Cohousing communities are not communes: everyone has their own private home, their own front door and their own garden or balcony. But each household also benefits from extra shared facilities and spaces that allow – but don’t require – members to do things together. Living in a cohousing community brings a few extra responsibilities, but many more benefits.

By pooling resources such as tools and equipment, and by acting collectively, cohousing communities gain more control over their environment.

*Shortlisted, Mies Van De Rohe Award 2022, Civic Trust Award for Sustainability 2021, RICS Social Impact Awards, Project of the year 2020, RTPI Silver Jubilee Cup, Overall Winner 2020, RIBA National Award 2019, Housing Design Awards Richard Feilden Award 2019, National Urban Design Award (Public Sector) 2019, Structural Timber Award (Social Housing Project) 2019, Cambridge Design & Construction Award Joint Winner 2019, Cambridge Property Awards Environmental Award 2016 & 2018

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  • Large triple glazed windows and doors in all buildings
  • Built with manufactured insulated panels
  • Air Source Heat Pumps to all homes
  • MVHR in all properties
  • No mains gas on-site
  • Shared garden, workshop, and common room for all residents

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